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YeniExpo Sourcing Services

  1. Source the product.
  2. Source the factory.
  3. Factory Verification.
  4. 3 factory quotation
  5. Business trip Translation
  6. Airport pickup
  7. Trade show guide
  8. Factory visit guide
  9. Turkey business trip assistance
  10. Sample consolidation
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Quality Matters

Quality Inspection Service

If you have existing factories to produce your goods and you need some one to make inspection for every shipment, we recommend this service to you .

Q1  During Production – when the factory starts producing your big order.
Q2  Final Inspection – Random check based on AQL standard.
  • We will make strict Final Inspection after all products are 100% finished & packed.
  • We will check product’s appearance, size, function, labels, package, based on random check (AQL standard ) to make sure the products are qualified and correct.

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YeniExpo Value Added Services

Factory Audit.

  • If you need a formal Factory Audit (many importers, retailers need factory audit), we will arrange a professional Auditor to make factory audit based on your requirements.
  • Audit process will include:
    1. Workplace Safety
    2. Respect of Human Rights,
    3. Compliance with local law requirement ( minimum wage, working age ..etc )
    4. Environmental Health
    5. Formal Factory Audit is not included in our standard sourcing services.  It is charged separately on a case by case bases.


We could help you to temporarily store and consolidate your goods. This service needs to be confirmed in advance.

Air / Sea / Courier Shipping Services.

  • If you don’t have designated shipping agent to handle your order, we can help you with it.
  • Get favorable price for sea freight, airfreight, or courier cost,  to help you make the right decision.
  • Book shipment with a freight forwarder and shipping company.
  • Arrange LCL shipment, consolidate several shipments into FCL shipments.
  • Customs declaration.
  • Shipping documents submission.

Sourcing Process:

Step 1:Source & identify a reliable & qualified factory supplier for your products needs.

  • We will find initial factory information on the internet, or through trade fair or other channel.
  • We will check online or make actual visit to the factory and do some evaluation, select factories which are reliable, professional, understand the market, meet your requirement .
  • Make sure the material they use meet your market requirement.
  • Make sure factory is social compliant, good environment, suitable capacity, no child labor, no forced work, have quality systems and procedures in place.
  • Make sure factory has relative certificates, product can pass relative testing…etc .
  • Make sure the factory has product development capacity.
  • Identify and confirm they are true factories .

Step 2:Source the right products.

  • Find the right products based on your requirement, target price, market trend..etc
  • Find product that can meet relative testing requirement and standard .

Step 3:Get the best quotation.

  • We will explain your detailed product / package / testing requirement to the factories, make sure factory understand your quotation requirement (material, package, testing, shipping ).
  • Use our professional knowledge of product cost to negotiate better price with several potential factories, find the best choice for you.
  • We double check factories’ quotation and see if there is any missing information, mistakes, or if it meet your requirement.
  • Discuss with factory to find out the best solution to meet your target price if needed.

Step 4:Speed up product development / sample making process.

  • We work closely with factories’ product development team to develop products based on your idea, sketch, detail requirements, or give suggestions.
  • We check / explain to factory associates and make sure they understand the sample request / amendments and arrange sample making rapidly.
  • We closely follow up and push for samples, check if samples are correctly made according to your requirement.
  • We remind factories to pack & ship samples with care and give you notification of details.

Step 5:Manage your order with care & timely manner.

  • We double check your order information and requirement, make sure no confusion, mistakes or missing important information.
  • We double check with factory and make sure they received the PO and they understand all details requirements, such as labeling, package, testing, inspection, shipping forwarder.
  • We explain your normal practice and requirement to the new factories .
  • We push factory to confirm back the PO with Performa Invoice with reasonable ship-date .
  • We check with factory about tentative schedule for raw material, package, production, inspection, shipment, make sure they are reasonable and within agreed timeline.
  • We remind factory to arrange sample for approval, product testing , prepare raw materials, order package material…etc.
  • We push you / customer / 3rd party suppliers to provide package / labels/ testing result .. on time.
  • We manage / follow up with factory on regular basis to follow up on the status of samples, testing, production, inspection, shipping..etc .

Quality Control Steps

Step 6:Coordinate with 3rd party factories and companies.

  • We will remind factory to book factory audit with 3rd party company promptly and follow up their schedule, result and update you accordingly . ( If needed ).
  • We will push factory to arrange samples for testing and get PASS testing result within timeline.
  • We will push factory / you to order for relative package material ( price sticker, color box ..etc ) in time and push them to speed up production and delivery .
  • We will remind factory to book shipping in advance to avoid no space available.

Step 7:Strict Quality Inspection During Production

  • For new items and also big orders, we will usually make strict quality inspection during production .
  • We start this type of strict quality inspection when production starts to make sure mass production quality is good, avoid any serious quality issues, and to fix potential problems.
  • We will check product’s appearance, size, function, labels, package , make sure they are qualified and correct .
  • We will provide you with pictures of products, package, defective products.
  • We will provide you detailed inspection report about the quality of the shipment and give you suggested inspection result. ( Pass, Pending , Reject )
  • We will inform factory about defective problem and tell them to improve / fix, to avoid same issue in future.

Step 8:Make strict Final Quality Inspection.

  • We will make strict Final Quality Inspection after all products are 100% finished & packed, based on your inspection standard or industry AQL standard.
  • We will check product’s appearance, size, function, labels, package, make sure they are qualified and correct .
  • We will provide you with pictures of products, package, defective products.
  • We will provide you detailed inspection report about the quality of the shipment and give you suggested inspection result . ( Pass, Pending , Reject )
  • We will inform factory about defective problem and tell them to improve / fix, to avoid same issue in future.
  • We will follow up with factory is any rework is needed, re-inspection will be arranged .
  • Goods can be shipped when it Pass final inspection ( re-inspection ) .

Step 9:Coordinate & Consolidate Shipments.

  • We make sure factory understands and follows your requirement / final customer’s requirement of shipping.
  • We will remind factory to contact with forwarder to get set up in their system after receipt of your order. It takes a lot of time get the factory user set up some times.
  • We push factory to check production status and book shipping about 2-3 weeks ahead of shipping window.
  • We check with factory or send QC associate to make sure they ship correctly based on your order / shipping requirement, especially for orders with multiple DC.
  • We will also provide assistance to consolidate your different factories ‘ order into full containers at one factory.
  • We will follow up with factory to submit relative documents to you / forwarder.
  • We will book shipment with our own forwarder and consolidate shipment for you if needed (if you have not forwarder or have not shipped from Turkey before. )

Step 10:Handle complain and solve problems properly.

  • We will launch investigation with factory, our QC if you have quality issue complain.
  • We will find out the root cause for the issue and find proper solution for the shipment and how to prevent from happening in future .

Step 11:Weekly / Monthly Update.

  • We provide you with sample status, order status on weekly, monthly base.
  • We will work with your company and the factory to prioritize urgent samples, shipment .

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