1. How can I find sources for my products (suppliers)? you can search online exporters platforms like or you can search in trade magazines and directories, or you can visit trade shows where the products are manufactured and talk to several suppliers face to face.
  2. How do I evaluate these suppliers and make sure they have financial stability, world class Quality processes and control, good manufacturing systems, good human rights track record, honest, and reliable? You will have to establish your key criteria to judge a supplier or hire a 3rd party inspection company to do the evaluation for you. Check supplier reviews and talk to chamber of commerce and embassy commercial attaches at the country where you want to import from.
  3. How do I pay for my orders (Cash in advance by bank wire transfer, Letter of Credit, Payment on delivery, etc)? Discuss with your bank best way for your situation. They can also run a credit check on the supplier for you and give proper advice on safe method to deal financially with this foreign supplier.
  4. How do I get my orders shipped from the supplier and what incorterms to use? You can have the supplier arrange the shipping to your port (CIF), or hire a freight forwarder in the country your are from to handle the pickup and shipping of your order.
  5. What paperwork needed from supplier or their shipping agent (freight forwarder)? Usually you will need export declaration, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, 3rd party inspection reports and quality certificates, Ocean Bill of Lading, or Air bill of lading.
  6. How to clear goods at customs in my country? You will need a customs broker and a freight forwarder to handle the delivery of the products from port to your warehouse.
  7. How do I market and sell these products? Retail, , trade shows, advertising, etc.


  1. How do I market my products to overseas buyers? Using your own online , advertise on online trade directories related to exports from your country like, attend and exhibit at trade shows in the country / region you want to export to, trade missions, buy ads in trade magazines, create social media presence and advertise on your pages, create and online forum on your website and encourage discussions about your products, and make sure your website is SEO friendly.
  2. How to communicate clearly and respond to inquiries from overseas buyers? Reply fast to inquiries as time is of the essence. Use a translator or google translator to read and reply to messages. Have your proforma invoice ready, all you have to do is add the products and prices then send it to the customer. Send a PDF catalog of all your products to encourage the buyer to find and look at more products from your company. Make sure all your catalogs and quotations are in ENGLISH.
  3. How do I determine if the buyer is a small, medium, or large company? Inquire from the buyer directly be sending him a short survey to ask him about his company. Check their references, website, also do a credit check with credit agency if you both agree on credit terms.
  4. How do I prepare the proforma invoice (quotation) to the buyer? with clear listing of the products details, price, incorterm, company address, cost of shipping from warehouse to port, cost of ocean or air freight, insurance cost, payment terms, where to send the payment (bank wire transfer information), production lead-time, validity of the quotation (i.e. valid for 90 days), warranty offered, return policy, and quality assurances.
  5. How produce the product according to customers needs, designs, requirements, quality levels, correct components and raw material?
  6. How to label and package products properly according to customer's requirements and their country's laws?
  7. How to follow up with the customer after receiving the goods and check periodically if they have any more orders?

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