Automatic Tube Filling and Packaging Machine (1300 tubes per/hour)

Products that can be filled : Cosmetic products, Jam, honey, marmalade, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauce types, cream, chocolate, ice cream, oil varieties, cosmetics, liquid foods, cheese varieties, fruit juices, yogurt, fruit yogurt, buttermilk, milk, kefir, etc.
Filling Weight : Designed according to the desired weight
Filling Systems : Pneumatic (Suction-press), Servo Motor
Capacity : 1000- 5000pcs / hour
Sealing Systems : Ultrasonic sealing, folding packing
Pneumatic pressure requirement : 6-8 bar
Used Electric voltage : 220V or 380V
Optional technical features : UV lamp, HEPA filter, ultrasonic sealing, folding packing, filling machine in different sizes in one machine, filling station, heat dating, hopper heater and mixer, collecting tray to the output conveyor, transfer pump to the filling unit, nitrogen gas, Automatic or manual tube feeding option.
Materials Used : 304 and 316 stainless material
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