Dizayn Machinery Automatic Tube Filling And Packing Machines

Dizayn Machinery Tube Filling And Packing Machines

  • Our production is made in European standards in desired size and capacity. The designs of the tube filling machines are completely made by Dizayn Makine with its experience since 1993.
  • The control of our machines is made of the latest technology PLC screens.
  • All software and programming of tube filling machines are made by Professional team. It is possible to connect our machines remotely via internet if required.
  • Our installations are made free of charge by our technical team. We have spare parts support or service against a mechanical failure.
  • On [request], the technical team of the customer is given free training of the machine.
  • Our tube filling machine is packed in accordance with international standards and basic spare parts are shipped with the machine free of charge.
  • The prespections of all used parts of the machine are shipped with the instruction manual.
  • CE and ISO certificates are available.


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