Robot's Thoughts: Scooter VS. Motorcycle

Robotic's Ideas: Scooter VS. Bike

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40 thoughts on “Robot's Thoughts: Scooter VS. Motorcycle

  1. G C says:

    I can't believe I'm just getting my first scooter in my mid 40's. Never owned a two wheeler or driven one either, but I've been to different countries in Asia many times (China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand) in the last 30 years and a huge percentage of the population in those countries have scooters. With rising gas prices and getting only 20 mph in my vehicle, 80-100mph sounds good to me.

  2. Reinis Aizsilnieks says:

    i disrespect vespa because, i 50cc vespa costs same as 600cc kawasaki ninja, which has far more technology in it. And thats brand new from store. + scooter riders contribute for 80%+ of motorcycle crashes in EU, but well, thats because scooters are allowed from 14 years, while motorcycles 21-24.

  3. Barrett Benton says:

    One advantage of step-through scooters (and Vespas in particular) revolves around safety, which was proven to me two nights ago, when, while riding to a restaurant to meet my wife to celebrate her Birthday, I was broadsided by a motorist hard enough to knock me unconscious: I don't remember the moment of impact, likely because I didn't see what hit me…the next thing I remember after turning the corner was being lifted onto a gurney and into an ambulance. Turns out the floorboard saved my foot and leg from getting crushed, something a motorcycle would not offer. My armored riding jacket and full-face helmet did the rest: Obviously, I have assorted aches/pain to deal with for the moment, but nothing was broken, and I was able to walk out of my local hospital's trauma unit later that night on my own two feet. Also rather obvious, since I'm not giving up riding, is that my next bike will also be a Vespa GTS, as Melody, my current GTS, is likely a write-off from the fairly heavy damage she sustained from that crash. I doubt any motorcycle would "take a bullet" for me the same way!

  4. Simon Templar says:

    Just bought the Piaggio Medley 125s. Now on 430 miles. Very pleased with it. I am in the UK. Brighton on the SE coast. I don't think you have the Medley 125 in the USA. My other scooter is a Yamaha Cygnus 125cc. Bought new in 2004. Got 38K miles on the clock. Always done my own oil changes. Ashamed to say I have never done any other maintenance. Still goes like a new scooter. only problem I ever had was replacing the rear light bulb.

  5. West Coast Hockey Bias says:

    This debate reminds me of when I was a kid and dudes only wanted to drive cars with stick shifts. Then you get a little older and discover how nice an automatic transmission is (especially in a city with stop-and-go traffic). Now almost all cars are automatic. I realize motorcycles seem more manly, but once you're over trying to impress girls it's easier to appreciate the convenience of scooters. Motorcycles are a pain. Always having to gear up. Way harder to carry even the slightest cargo. I actually think most of them are less comfortable than Vespas by a lot. My last bike was a 2016 Ducati Scrambler Sixty2. It has a 399cc engine, got 50 mpg and it's top speed was about the same as the 2009 Vespa GTS 250 I just bought that gets closer to 70 mpg. Incredibly quiet, peaceful, flickable. I bought an affordable top case for the back rack of my Vespa and I can basically hold 4 bags of groceries on this thing no problem. At the same time, it's powerful enough that I can still take it into the mountains on a solo camping trip. I live near the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, and I can go over a 9,000-ft mountain pass with no problem. I'm completely sold on these scooters. I also find them way easier to work on. Anybody can change a belt and rollers. You barely need any tools. I would never attempt to change my motorcycle chain and sprockets. I don't have the right tools to do most things on a motorcycle. I take the scooter to drive-thus to pick up dinner and place it in a bag on the front hook. Try doing that on a motorcycle.

  6. Greg Guille says:

    Back in the 1950s, Scooters were regularly used on cross country off road trailing. The machines today are probably still just as capable, but we the riders, don't have the abilities of our Grandparents!

  7. Matt Quay says:

    Just bought a Aprilia Sportcity cube 300 ,15 inch wheels ,Vespa gt300 engine.
    Always owned large capacity makes.
    I've a Cb1000r the new version with 3700 miles.
    Guess what I enjoy the most !
    Think it's an age thing ,coming 53 riding bikes 40 odd years.
    In the town I live ,all the young ones drive audi or vw,funny when you flyby on a wee scoot that will corner better upto 60.
    As long as its two wheels ,ride on.
    Great vid bro.

  8. Divergent Droid says:

    Constant Velocity Transmission you say? Dude.. where did you Learn this.. out of a Cracker Jack Box? CVT stands for Continuous Variable Transmission.. you Claim to be a Guru yet you totally Screw that up? So.. you Want people to Think you are a Robot Hoping they will identify you as a Nerd but your Not even any kinda Nerd when is comes to Bikes.. Thumbs Down you Wanna Be Nerd! Grow Up little dude and crack a Book once in a while. Make Videos again in 20 years when you actually have A Clue what you are talking about.

  9. Joe Lohberger says:

    you should also talk about Quality my first scooter was Chinese nock-off broke down on me 3 times cvt belt broke,engen froze. carb rubber diaphran craked, all left me stranded, but there's more on road problems but got home tires picked up leaks starter barley worked, battery wasn't wanting to kick it over kick start never worked rubber hoses cracked engine but still love to ride scooters especially at night when you see little display light up

  10. BassOutcast says:

    The analogy is wonderful. It's all about what you care about and how focused you are on specific things. If you really care about speed, you're gonna ride a supersport. If you like the looks and that's what really important to you, you're gonna go retro classic or a Harley if you romanticize the "danger" aspect without really going to dangerous modern bikes like sport/naked bikes. If you care about transportation and just need a tool to commute, you're gonna abide the helmet law, get a 3/4 helmet and hop on your scooter. And then, you have the middle ground bikes – usable machines for commuting that still have some passion in them, i.e your naked bikes, adventure/crossover bikes. Heck, even a Vespa has more die-hard fanboys than an SV650 or NC750X.

    It''s all a matter of who you are as a biker, and as a person.

  11. Rusty Krusty says:

    Greets from Moscow, Russia! Totally agree.
    Last summer I've got an '20 Africa Twin Adventure Sports for the longer distance riding including these shitty Russian regional roads. And for the everyday city use I've bought a '20 Vespa Sprint 150 Sport, the grey one. Absolutely happy for this combination, an excellent garage for me.
    Love the Sprint, enough power, sufficient handling, stunning look. It was your video review that made me brake my piggy bank. 🙂 So you could adres to Piaggio Russia for you commission. 😉 Thanx again.

  12. PAUL S says:

    I’ve had scooters and motorbikes for 40 years and this summary was about right, nicely done. Could have expanded on the like minded people bit. I belong to the largest scooter club and motorbike club in the land and on average they have very different people in them.

  13. Rich Cruz says:

    I would love to see a comparison of a vespa 125 vs a mini motorcycle like a grom, z125 or benelli tnt 135 in heavy city traffic or short distance grocery runs or a longer fun ride with friends. The mini motorcycles have the same 12 in rims, wheelbase, height and weight……

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