Properties For in Turkey 1

This episode features three properties in Fethiye.
Fethiye is one of our favourite places in South West Turkey.
With house prices rising there is still affordable property to be found to suit all budgets!
If your interested in any of the property featured in this episode (all property shown for sale at the time of recording were available) please contact the relevant estate agent – their and contact details are below.
We take no commission and have no affiliation with any of the agents we feature.
To find out more information about Fethiye we have included links below to our Fethiye films.
In episode 2, we will show you property in Ovicik near the popular resort of Oludeniz, so please to my and hit the notification bell if you haven't already. You can't afford to miss future episodes :)!!
Buying property in Turkey

OCEANWIDE PROPERTIES Website Link: bedroom-apartments-in-the-heart-of-fethiyes-coastline £105,000 Plus

BEYAZ HOMES Website links:  £77,000 £128,000

Buying property in Turkey
Fethiye in the winter
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30 thoughts on “Properties For Sale in Turkey Episode 1

  1. J. E. says:

    This is so helpful….what would the service charges be and include? They can rocket,which is why I'm selling my flat in the UK…and seriously thi King of Turkey,I'll be back in June…Thank you so much for sharing

  2. barucijaf says:


    My name is Faud

    I live in Florida with my wife and our son ( he is 38) in the same apartment.
    Are we going to get Residential Permit if we buy just one apartment in Turkey or we have to buy two apartments, one for me and my wife and another one for our son?

    Thank you

  3. Lina Arafeh says:

    You know what? At first, I subscribed because you have amazing content. Just what I'm looking for. But then, I found myself looking at the wonderful relationship you both have! Such lively energy. Such fun! Bless you both, you really should do ALL you can to preserve this duo 🙂
    Keep up the good work. If I manage to move to Turkey, I'd LOVE to meet you 🙂

  4. Yaso Dgn says:

    Bu ülkenin sefasını da yabancılar sürüyor he:) Bırak yurtdışını gezmeyi yurtiçini dahi gezmedim daha. Bu gidişle gençliğimi yaşayamadan yaşlandıracak bu ülke beni. Neyse dayıcım benim yerime de gezin. Sevgiler:)

  5. VB says:

    These seem a lot more expensive than typical prices in Turkey. In Alanya, 1m2 averages 700 euros. Unit price helps because 1+1, 2+1 means nothing. Some 1+1 are bigger than 2+1 etc.

  6. Alper Taparli says:

    ou two are great. Thanks for your hard work and
    beautiful&informative videos. Turkey is the ideal country for people
    who want to move away from western European countries. But still, I can
    see that products are more expensive for foreigners than for locals
    (which is totally ok). I´m preparing to move out of Germany myself with
    my wife and have been looking for properties and land for over two
    years. The fact that I have Turkish roots makes many things easier for
    me. I plan to give advice and help others who want to take this step.
    From finding the right region and the dreamhouse to mastering the whole
    (complicated) process of buying it and even helping in the integration
    process. Do you think this could help people who want to take this step
    but don´t dare?

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