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Highlights Jewelry Turkey

The gold jewellery sector of Turkey has turned its attention to exporting over the last few decades. The saving habits of Turkish people have changed due to developments in the Turkish economy and they have started using other ways of investing besides buying gold jewellery.

In addition, in 1993 the export and import restrictions on precious metals were abolished. Exports totaled 4,3 billion US Dollars in 2017, the major destinations were being the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Iran, U.S.A., and Hong Kong.

The Turkish gold jewellery companies have started to establish their own distribution channels abroad. The major companies in the industry have shops/corners in the USA, in Europe and in Dubai in the Middle East and in other countries in different regions of the world.

Although silver jewellery constitutes a small part of the total Turkish jewellery exports, the sector has increased its exports significantly in the past ten years. The export value of silver jewellery sector was 84 million US Dollars by the end of 2016.

In 2016, the major destinations for silver jewellery exports were the USA, Libya, France, Iraq, Germany, Romania and Spain. Turkish silver jewellery was exported to some 100 countries around the world in 2016. The Turkish silver jewellery industry also enjoys large sales to foreigners visiting Turkey.

The sales to tourists usually increases between April and September in the Mediterranean and Aegean parts of Turkey.