How serious is an energy outage for businesses in Turkey? | DW News

How serious is an energy outage for businesses in Turkey? | DW News

The global crunch in energy-supplies in recent weeks now has Turkey in its grips.
Ankara has ordered its biggest gas-consumers electricity-producers and large factories to scale back massively for three days. In effect, that means power-outages and stoppages on factory-floors.

Behind the decision is a supply problem in Iran the source of about 16 percent of Turkish gas. Iran stopped gas flows to Turkey for 10 days, citing a technical problem. Its own gas consumption has meanwhile jumped, due to cold temperatures.

In Turkey, local and international companies are suffering: From Turkish carmaker Tofas to Renault, which is shutting down production for two weeks. But not all companies can simply shut-off.


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44 thoughts on “How serious is an energy outage for businesses in Turkey? | DW News

  1. Hal says:

    I love that these Media shills push the propoganda about gas being the culprit. Could the "technical glitch" be because Turkey can't pay Iran in dollars and Iran won't accept Liras as payments? Coincidence? Only 16% of Turkey's gas comes from Iran. Yet they are closing 40% of their industry. No restrictions on consumers? I guess Erdogan is afraid of a coup by the people. But the unemployed resulting from this shutdown aren't to numerous for a coup. Problem with this 4 day shutdown is that it isn't. Bet that most business' will be closed for 2 weeks and some like foundry's maybe well over 4 weeks. You can't just shut down then start up again at a snap of fingers. There's more to this story. The MSM to lazy to report the real issue here.

  2. Berker Demirer says:

    Well, some people in here are pretty happy that Turkey is doing bad and getting more and more destabilized each day. Let me make it clear, Turkey is the bulwark to your peaceful western world. If Turkey goes down, Europe will suffer the most.

  3. Ein Felder says:

    Iran: "Erdo, when are you going to pay your bill?" Erdo: "Give me credit man, I'm turning things around. Tomorrow I will pay" Iran: "Oops, there is a fault in the line, sorry, no gas can get through the blockage. Someone turned off a tap, we can't find which tap it is. We have no money to look for it"

  4. amirhossein mobarakabadi says:

    U get what u give or in this case not-to-give; when Iran fought for 20 days to cleanse trky Army, to stopped the coup in (62 soldiers were martyred) Turkey was supposed to officially back Iran's Gov; and stop meddling in northern Syria yet they kept arming PKK and other cells including MLK
    btw. Iran ain't a charity, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Syrica, Leb, Pales, Venezuela, China even freaking Russia…. AND ALL of them can't pay back cause of sanct

  5. Anton Stoeckl says:

    It will not take a long time and DW can report the same problem of Germany too. We have extremely low gas supplies in storage and the Russian pipeline are on and off. On top of this we have shut down all but 3 nuclear power producing plants and most coal fired one too and depend to a very large extend from solar and wind which may or may NOT produce electricity when it is needed I hope when this is happen, DW will have power generator on stand by to report on this as well.

  6. ChicagoTurtle1 says:

    Is this prompting any kind of rethink from Ankara? Ya we need to stop playing along and transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. We’ve don’t this in history. We’ve had burning wood, steam engine, whale oil. These methods are old and outdated methods which we replaced. If we want to we can. What ties down the efforts to change is …profits.

  7. osman aga says:

    The reason for the natural gas cut in Turkey is the Ukraine problem. Turkey is not two-faced like the Germans you don't have any political stance. Turkey sided with Ukraine in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. that's why iran cut off the gas it sells If you have a little spine you'll understand what I'm saying but I don't think so. from now on, Turkey will never buy gas from Iran. Also, seeing the rabid dogs here i love erdogan more keep barking

  8. MVE says:

    Hmm, one of the big reasons of the huge price hike of gas is the enormous demand for it from China. China is guzzling up lots of gas and oil. Europe, including Turkey, suffers because of this.

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