How do I find international buyers ( importers ) for my exports and products?

1- Introduce your company and products on export promotion websites: Utilize international reach when you want to list your products online. Our job is to connect suppliers with buyers.

2- Attend and exhibit at Domestic and International trade #fairs and exhibitions related to your products: Check with your commerce department or Chambers of commerce in your country about incentives to local exporters for participation in such events.

3- Advertise in trade magazine in the target market.

4- Negotiate with independent manufacturerÔÇÖs sales reps in the target markets. They will exclusively market and promote your manufacturing capacity and capability for a negotiated commission rate. Usually 3-10% of the value of business.

5- Build a strong website and social media presence. Open business accounts and pages on Google+, FB, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn 

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