Here are the electric cars coming in 2022, a record year for EV launches

Listed here are the electrical automobiles coming in 2022, a document yr for EV launches

The Hyundai Ioniq5, BMW iX 50 and electrical Silverado are among the many most anticipated new automobiles with a plug. Before you purchase any automobile that costs, try this listing of automobiles you may need to look forward to.

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41 thoughts on “Here are the electric cars coming in 2022, a record year for EV launches

  1. Acura Addicted says:

    Just 2 cents here: current delivery waiting times in Canada, for example, for a RAV4 EV is over 12 months. And it's only going to get worse as more EVs are adopted, because the amount of Lithium extraction cannot be increased to keep up with the demand as well as there are huge supply chain problems and not enough parts to go around. To be fair, the latter is also applicable to ICE cars. But the first one (lithium) isn't.

  2. Adrian G says:

    Is there a reason as to why Rivian wasn’t mentioned ? Especially in the truck segment considering that they have practically beat every major manufacturer currently in R&D AND production to the punch and have delivered quite a utilitarian vehicle t

  3. Charles Helvey says:

    Good overview. I'm not a fan of plug-in hybrids, as an owner of a Kia Niro EV pure electric it seems that having a hybrid means you have all the maintenance of a standard ICE vehicle. I owned a Prius for a while – though not a plugin – and experienced that. I've really enjoyed not thinking about oil changes, belts, spark plugs, transmission fluid, O2 sensors, Catalytic converters, etc. We will have to see what happens if I have the Kia long enough to need a replacement battery – I'll probably not be happy with what that would cost.

  4. alan grant says:

    You forgot to mention that Hyundai that you seem very fond of, have a battery that has degradation problems so you should warn your viewers about battery degradation as a lot of your mentioned vehicles have this problem, who’s paying for this video buy the way.

  5. Mark says:

    It cost to much…. It would cost 6 to 8 dollars to charge with electric. The electric company can't support people changing all these. My car gets good gas and doesn't require thousands of Dollars for batteries.

  6. Tiree Admoltis says:

    Just wait till thieves steal batteries. If we had as a public utility cheap nuclear plant electric and people could fix their own batteries. Electric would have happened 20 years ago. Has nothing to do with computers or GPS . People want independancy from corrupt mega corporations and overly dictated government. People WANT FREEDOM. It's whats made this country so great.

  7. randybrister10 says:

    The average house uses about 28,000 w per day. The average EV uses around 8000 to charge. The US currently has only 1% EV's. If we only add another 2% we will overwhelm the power grids. What do we do with the batteries? Whare do we import the lithium from? What does the earth look like around lithium mines?

  8. Gee Zee says:

    "GREEN"? I Think NOT! To manufacture each EV battery, you must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium 30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt 5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, 25,000 pounds of ore for copper Digging up 500,000 pounds of the earth's crust For just – one – battery. The Batteries are caustic to the environment to Manufacture and Dispose of.
    The Distance one can travel, depends on if the Air Conditioner / Heater, Lights, or Radio are being used while driving. To charge these Electric Vehicles it requires 2 to 3 Hours which requires voltage from a Power that uses Coal, Natural Gas, or Nuclear Energy. Neither Solar Panels or Inefficient Wind Turbines cannot supply enough Energy to charge a car. The NWO wants to get rid of conventional Power Plants and Gasoline Automobiles. They want everybody to get an electric car. Well there will not be enough electricity to charge all of the electric cars. We will have to have either Horses or bicycles to get around.

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