Hasatsan is the largest producer of harvesting in Turkey for harvesting hazelnuts, walnut and chestnut etc. Machine can be run with minimum 35hp tractors. Depending on the cleaning of the garden and performance of the workers, it can harvest around 40 to 60 dunums (1000 sq m) each day.

HASATSAN and Kernels Double Blower Harvester H 1800 DB (H1800DB) Turkey Export – YeniExpo
Hasatsan H 2200 Nuts & Kernels Vacuum Harvester Machine Made in Turkey for Export – YeniExpo

As displayed at the Bursa Agricultural fair. H 2200 is built to harvest product in any geographic condition with vacuuming system, it needs minimum 45hp tractor to work properly.

It can clean up the product and put the loaded ones in the sack %100, which we called husking. It can harvest around two to three tonnes a day. Also if you use one vacuum hose you can collect at 70 to 80 meters very easily and it can work in any kind of sloping landscape (if you can climb there H 2200 can harvest there).

Product Specifications

  • Specialized with %100 Husking Capacity for collecting
  • 3 – 4 tons of hazelnut a day in the garden
  • During threshing 1 – 1,5 tons of husking in an hour
  • Ability to work during morning drizzle
  • Minimum 45hp tractor
  • Specialized with full and empty shell selection
HASATSAN Chipper Can Chip Thick Wet Wood In Just Seconds. DP 700 T Turkey Export YeniExpo

DP 700 T wood chipper with hydraulic mechanism can chip 13 diameter thick wet wood in just seconds, if its dry wood 10 diameter is not a problem for it. It has stainless HRDOX Swedish steel 4 knifes which can be adjustable for the thickness of the wood pieces inside the chippers disk. In order to work safely with the machine, filling place is designed as largely as possible.

DP 700 T has to be powered by PTO of minimum 45hp tractor and hydraulic mechanism allows the user chose the speed of the entrance of the wood shavings and also can make forward, backward moving futures in order to make the usage even more easier.

Exitation of DP 630 can easily be rotated 360 ° in order to put the wood shavings in the right place. Wood shavings can be used in worming, fertilizer, soil or OSB producing etc.

Although this kind of machinery is quite popular in European countries, it has been prevalent in Turkey as well. This type of machinery is absolute must for hazelnut, chestnut, walnut, olive and all kind of orchards. It is a big help to the farmers and the land after the prune of the trees.

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