Welcome to part one of this free digital marketing course delivered by the Digital Marketing Institute.

In this free marketing course, we look at a wide range of topics and you will learn the basic principles of digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, SEO tips, and more.

The DMI is the global standard in Digital Marketing Certification. Join over 140,000 members working for companies like Facebook, Google, and HubSpot who power their careers with the Digital Marketing Institute!

So let’s jump into part 1 of your free digital marketing course!

Introduction 00:00

Introduction to Digital Marketing:

Key Digital Marketing Concepts: 00:40
Traditional and Digital Marketing 12:03
The 3i Principles 21:04
Digital Channels 27:24
Module Summary 31:26
The Buyer’s Journey Introduction 31:36
Stages of the Buyer’s Journey 33:37
Marketing Functions 36:37
Integrating Traditional and Digital Marketing 40:33
Aligning the Buyer’s Journey with Channels 45:57
Tools for Digital Marketing 52:52
Module Summary 1:48:00

Content Marketing:

Purpose of Content Marketing 1:58:00
Importance of Content Marketing Strategy 1:04:00
Module Summary 1:08:37
Purpose and Benefit of Using Personas 1:08:47
Strategies for Creating Personas 1:10:22
Module Summary 1:13:44
Content Creation 1:13:55
Content Formats 1:16:40
Curation, Personalization, and Repurposing 1:26:21
Module Summary 1:32:56

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing Concepts 1:33:06
The Buyer’s Journey and Social Media Marketing 1:36:51
Key Social Media Platforms 1:38:27
Module Summary 1:58:27
Setting Up a Social Media Experience for a Business 1:58:37
Setting Up Social on Key Platforms 2:01:03
Module Summary 2:20:58

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Algorithms 2:21:08
Core Principles 2:23:21
Ranking Factors 2:24:09
Module Summary 2:27:40
Types of SEO Objectives 2:27:50
Setting Objectives 2:32:40
Module Summary 2:35:38
Keyword Evaluation 2:35:48
Competitor Research 2:42:49
SEO Tracking 2:50:31
Module Summary 2:55:47

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