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The European Union has introduced the principles of “reciprocity” and “proportionality” for vaccine exports. Officials say this doesn’t mean that the EU has banned exports to Britain. So far, the European Union has ordered 2.6 billion doses from six different manufacturers but a significant increase in shipments is not expected until the second quarter of this year. According to the United Nations, Malta has received the most doses in the EU relative to its population (33%) while Bulgaria has received the fewest (6%). Germany is in the middle, at 13%. On Thursday, EU leaders will examine why the distribution across the bloc is so uneven.


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32 thoughts on “EU tightens vaccine export rules | DW News

  1. elyrexo says:

    This is a disgrace. Last year the UK taxpayer co-funded the building of a vaccine plant in the Netherlands. The Netherlands and EU were invited to participate but declined. Now they are seizing production from the plant. Their action is reprehensible and morally bankrupt.

  2. Jim Scott says:

    I love the way people in the uk are so keen and grateful to get the jab.
    I still feel if you refuse to have it you should stay home. You don't just get it for your safety. You get it for everyones safety.

  3. Vacuum Fire Radio says:

    Astonishing that EU countries have so far failed to produce and successfully test viable vaccines from their Biotech companies other than the efforts of Pfizer…who produced a very expensive vaccine with American help and finance with complex storage requirements. Sanofi in particular have so far failed as did the Pasteur Institute's efforts. AZ / Oxford University and the UK government are being punished for success.

  4. Mark says:

    Love how the EU try and make out they’re some kind of hero by exporting all those vaccines that you haven’t actually made you clowns. Inward looking protectionists I think you called the UK over Brexit. Ooooooooohh the Irony.

    Biggest mistake they could have made bullying over medical supplies. Businesses will think twice before investing in the EU now we’ve seen what a tantrum they can have forcing their way into a private company for which they have no clue about all their different contractual obligations to other countries.

    Completely justified leaving

  5. Pete says:

    FFS. The poor, innocent EU was `too trusting` when they ordered vaccines. Ye right.. Fine bit of Soviet style re-writing of recent history: Brussels did not make a single order until nearly 3 months after the UK. At that point the manufacturers, who already had firm orders to fill , could only offer `best effort` contracts to the EU.

  6. Thomas Simpson says:

    Can you guys look at your contracts with every company in the eurozone because the eurozone have only paid for 100 million doses so I recommend that they think this through because without payment the remaining 300 million are optional!

  7. deth says:

    This report seems inaccurate, it wasn't a UK first contract.
    The UK negotiated a guaranteed contract, where as the eu negotiated a best effort contract.
    The eu also payed about half as much as the UK per dose and closed the contract several months after the UK.

  8. Andrezzi says:

    UK thinks they are smart but they will soon find out that Brexit was a bad move we already started recreating all your exports in EU countries with literally 1/3 in labor wages and materials we did deals with China and Africa and Russia. And all these factories and jobs are getting build mid covid imagine the surprise UK will be after when nobody will want to buy their exports because we out market them.. Rest in piss wankers

  9. Rosemary Howes says:

    That's because the EU did not order and approve the vaccine, and have been telling its population that the Astra vaccine was not effective, now of course the consequences of take up is very low. The EU are also stockpiling unused vaccine! Perhaps they think it is just a work of art. The UK ordered and paid for these vaccines early in 2020 . The vaccines are being produced by a private company, they are not EU vaccines. Just pointing that fact out. Perhaps the EU should have let individual countries obtain their own supplies which I'm sure would have been much more efficient. Now the EU are trying to cover up their incompetence.

  10. Lee B says:

    The UK public funds the development of the Oxford/Astrazeneca vacinne on the proviso its to be made at cost unlike any other vaccine on the planet when the UK and Astrazeneca could be making the billions others currently are.
    It then signs a contract to get the vacinne prior to either its development, trials or approval for use
    The EU dont put anything into its development and signs a best efftort contract but only once its been developed and approved , putting at the back of check out line
    It then complains its quasi effective and causes blood clots so halts using the stock it has creating huge vacinne hesitancy in the European population.
    The EU commissioners point accusing fingers at the UK but not India or the USA both of whom have either blocked or are hoarded vaccines.
    The bottom line is the EU failed in its first real ugent cooperative test due to its monolithic sluggishness.
    Add that it hates that the Brexited UK is doing anything better that may indirectly threaten their federalist project and its time for the EU to look in a mirror.

  11. joeboygo says:

    Oh how I wish the UK were still in the EU so that we could suffer the EU's incompetence in solidarity with our continental brethren. But alas no, here I am a young man still and already had my first jab. Never have I felt so apart from the rest of Europe, so lonely. Oh woe is me why did I vote leave boo hoo.

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