Our business story: Part 1

YeniExpo.com B2B Marketplace started in 2018 as an idea to help Turkish manufacturers and exporters reach new worldwide markets.

YeniExpo Online Shopping Wholesale Toptan Turkey
YeniExpo Online Shopping Wholesale Toptan Turkey

The majority of Turkish exporters are small to medium size family owned businesses that have traditional roots and business practices. Adopting a digital marketing and online brand development strategy is slowly adopted by the business leaders of these enterprises.

Out of almost 90,000 active exporters in Turkey (according to TiM reoprts), only around 15% of them have participated in #B2B marketplaces to promote and market their companies, brands, and products. They mostly rely on word of mouth, existing customers, local trade fairs, and local market to support their businesses. Some of them have developed their own websites and social media pages, but for the most part, these websites are not search engine optimized, mostly in #Turkish language, and lack a lot of information about their products and business. Often, these website lack maintenance and updates in the software and content which make them almost absolete.

This is why the idea of YeniExpo.com was born. Joining a B2B #marketplace, gives the #exporting company immediate boost in its online presence, #brand #promotion, and customer leads generation. It is the #1 best #wholesale customer lead generation method. Highly effective in terms of cost, continuous online presence, and maintenance cost.

To be continued

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