Turkish toy market growing and exports are increasing year by year but slowly. Export growth is noticeable in the eco friendly wooden toys as compared to the plastic and electronics toys categories.

Plastic toy production in Turkey comprises at least 70% of the total toy production. In 2017, toy production used about 21,000 tons of plastic and produced toays valued at around $173 million dollars.

From 2012 to 2018, the toys Turkish production sector has grown by an average +6% annually, and +3.1% annually on value basis.

In Turkey, toy exports in 2017 consumed about 6,000 tons of raw material plastic, and stood at around $34 million dollars.

From 2012 to 2018, the toys Turkish exports have grown slowly by an average of +4.4% annually, and +0.9% annually on value basis.

Turkey’s total toy industry statistic in 2017:

  • Domestic Production: $173.4 million dollars,
  • Imports: $392.1 million dollars
  • Exports: $34.9 million dollars
  • Domestic toys market consumption: $530.6 million.
  • The sector has a foreign trade deficit of $357.2 million dollars.
  • During the period in question, imported toys has an average of 73% of market share vs 27% share for domestic toys manufacturers.

Source: TURKSTAT and ITC Foreign Trade Statistics

Major domestic Turkish Toys Brands, Manufacturers and Exporters:

1- King Kids Toys

The company started in the plastic sector in 1993  with unique products innovations. They started by producing plastic bottom holders for sun umbrellas. They grew to become the number one inTurkey with its product variety and quality. 

PRENS-PRENSES brand, started in 2000. In 2005,  they invested in the kids game sector, educational game tools and started to produce game groups with the brand KING KIDS. The company exports to 65 countries. They utilize a 10,000 m.sq. production facility. King Kids is a proud positive contributor to the country’s economy and balance of trade.


Şimşek Toys was established in 2010 to operate in the field of plastic toys and children’s ware. Since its inception, the company has increased its product diversity. The company specializes in Plastic riding toys, play houses, and baby toys.


Founded in 1978 in Istanbul, ÖZ BAYRAKTAR OYUNCAK has always prioritized customer satisfaction and product quality by focusing on production line and sales strategy. With over 35 years of experience in the field of toys, the company has taken its place among the respected companies in Turkey. ÖZ BAYRAKTAR OYUNCAK produces products suitable for children’s health by using the highest quality raw materials and constantly attaches importance to R & D activities in order to help children’s development and creativity. ÖZ BAYRAKTAR OYUNCAK, which has been responding to the needs of the toy industry with its original designs since its inception, has made a name with Çınçın brand and has taken an important place in the sector.

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