Welcome to YeniExpo, a digital wholesale business-to-business (B2B) marketplace helping Turkish businesses to promote, sell, and Export internationally. 


To make it easier for Turkish suppliers to showcase their products on the internet, thus creating export demand from customers worldwide. 


Through our ecommerce platform, we assist importers in finding the right products and suppliers from Turkey. 


Through our platform, Foreign Importers and Turkish Exporters can directly communicate with each others quickly and efficiently.

Why Join YeniExpo Online Fair?

When traditional trade fair is canceled or postponed, all deals, bidding expenses, man-hours and sales prospects are lost and wasted. Stakeholders are damaged due to canceled fairs and will negatively affect exports, the industry and companies.

Traditional Trade Fairs are no longer productive. It is very short in time, and has very low participation from domestic or foreign buyers. In current COVID-19 crises, all trade fairs are closed, canceled or postponed.

Now your chance is to continue promoting your products on the Internet through our YeniExpo wholesale fair platform.

YeniExpo.com is an online wholesale trade fair for Turkish products. Turkish suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters can exhibit their products at YeniExpo to reach new foreign buyers.

How can you join YeniExpo?

1) Your company can join as a member and directly connect with customers or

2) Your company may allow YeniExpo to market and sell your products internationally as an exporter.

Send us your catalogs, price list, exporter discount, minimum order quantities, quality documents and photos. You can also contact us on whatsApp on +90 532 667 39 89. If you are interested, contact us.

Reasons why Turkey Exporters should join yeniexpo.com

  1. By adding your products to YeniExpo.com, you are promoting your BRAND and Products to foreign wholesalers.
  2. Your company and your products will gain the attention of foreign importers and buyers.
  3. International market is much greater than the local market in Turkey.
  4. Exporting from Turkey is easy and advantageous
  5. More traffic to your products, more buyers, more sales, more profits
  6. Support Turkey’s economy by Exporting

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