The coronavirus in China is hampering the manufacturing and exporting of products shipped to America and the rest of the world.

Importers are searching for alternative sources to get their products from and keep retailers shelves full. Electronics, Shoes, Clothing, are first to be impacted.

To limit the spread of the coronavirus, over 700 million Chinese people currently have travel restrictions, keeping many from getting to their factories and office jobs. This is impacting all business and manufacturing sectors in China.

As China has fewer workers processing their export orders and receiving more restrictions from foreign countries, the export of Chinese fresh produce is also being affected.

Many importers are suspending imports of fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables from China. To replace the imports from China, buyers are soliciting these commodities from other countries as Turkey and Morocco. Indonesia, a large importer of Chinese fresh produce, announced that it will also temporarily stop its imports from China to prevent spreading the virus.

The coronavirus outbreak in China may lead global buyers to find new sources, especially in sectors such as textile, garments and steel, and Turkish suppliers are a good alternative.

Multiple Turkish industries from textile to automotive, food, machinery and electronics have stepped up production to meet the increasing demand from abroad as the effects of the coronavirus outbreak in China become more apparent.

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