An article by TiM chairman Mr. Ismail Gülle

We are transforming Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) from an institution only announcing export numbers into a think tank making comprehensive analyzes of global trade data, preparing market and product researches with academic depth, presenting a road map to our exporters with the “TIMTank” model and conducting studies that will strengthen the global perception of our exports.

Within one year since we took office as the new TIM management, we have always felt the support and expectations of our 83 thousand exporters and focused firstly on ‘digitalization.’ We have defined the ”Export 4.0” vision as ”5G”, the short for ‘Strong Turkey’, ‘Strong Economy’, ‘Strong Export’, ‘Strong Human Resources’ and ‘Strong Infrastructure and Export Ecosystem’.

For our exports’ today and future, improving more digital export processes and conventional ways, based on ’24/7′ principle, focusing to change the system limiting our exporters to depend on working hours, we defined our main objective as ”A Turkey with Foreign Trade Surplus”. TİM is now not only an institution that explains the export figures, but also a think tank that conducts a comprehensive analysis of global trade data, prepares academically deep market and product research, presents a road map to our exporters with the ‘TIMTANK’ model and conducts studies that will strengthen the global perception of our exports.

We continued the success of 2018 we closed with records, in the first five months of 2019. To make our exporters’ success permanent, year 2019 was declared as the ‘Year of Sustainability and Innovation.’ Therefore, we are at the stage of completing our new web page design and content, TIM mobile application and ALO TIM (444 0 846) projects.

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About TiM

Umbrella organization of Turkey’s export

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) as the umbrella organization of the exporting firms around 83,000 was established in 1993. It continues its studies on legitimate basis as the professional organization of the firms involved in foreign trade. TIM organized as a general secretary organization as being the upper organization of the associations of exporters is represented by the Chairman.

The primary reason of existence of TIM is to determine the issues related to the export, conduct improvement studies, and to insure the transfer of the problems of the exporters to the highest competent authorities.

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