24 thoughts on “Beginning Graphic Design: Branding & Identity

  1. Karen The racist says:

    BRANDING is what people think of you, your product, services etc. IDENTITY can exist everywhere from résumés to your websites.

    Visual identity is what your colour choices, logos and product designs look like. Some visuals can impact you so strongly you may purchase an item simply because you like how it looks.

    Visual identity shows what your brand is about and tells the consumer what to expect.


    LOGOS: Simple logos have been known to have the biggest impact on people. Make sure your logo is not too complex, small or distorted. It is very important to keep a master, high-quality copy of your logo.

    COLOUR: The colour palette is often derived from the logo. It gives the viewer an idea of your brand and makes it look uniform throughout all platforms. Additional palettes can assist your brand's identity more.

    Do not use colours that clash. Remember to use neutral colours that are Black, White, Off-white and gray to help balance.

    FONT: A simple change in fonts can change the entire personality of your brand. Creative fonts must be used carefully and reflect the identity you wish to give your brand.

    Fonts that were once famous are usually avoided from being used.

    IMAGES: Images allow you to represent your brand's visual identity. Alot of times brand's create their own images such as icons, catalogues etc.

    Signature colours, Consistent art style or a specific object can help create a brand's identity.

    Avoid images that are seen everywhere or lack meaning. Choose photos that seem genuine and are not staged or stiff.

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