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Turkey at a Glance

Doing business in turkey book

Economic Outlook  Turkey’s economy has performed remarkably well with its steady growth over the past 14 years. A sound macroeconomic strategy, prudent fiscal policies, and major structural reforms have all contributed to the integration of Turkey’s economy into the globalized world while also transforming the country into one of the major recipients of FDI in […]

Mediterranean Exporters Association

Mediterranean exporters association

The organization of the exporters in our country began in 1937, in order to solve the problems met in the sale of our products to foreign countries and to meet the need to sell them at their value. On March 19th, 1940, the exporters got united under a single status. The first of the Exporters […]


Black sea exporters associations

Today’s Black Sea Black Sea Hazelnut and Products Exporters’ Association constitute the core Exporters Association was founded in 1940 in Turkey Hazelnut Exporters Union as being at the center of Giresun. With the establishment of Istanbul Hazelnut Exporters Union in 1951, it was named as the Black Sea Hazelnut Exporters Union. In 1986, it was […]

West Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAIB)

West mediterranean exporters association (baib)

There are 61 Exporters Associations functioning under 13 General Secretariats in Turkey. The members of the Associations are exporters. Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) is the umbrella organization of the Exporters Association General Secretariats and all exporters in Turkey. West Mediterranean Exporters Association General Secretariat (BAIB) was founded in 1968 and it has become a ‘Regional […]

Aegean Exporters’ Association (EIB)

Aegean exporters’ association (eib)

WHO THEY ARE Aegean Exporters’ Association (EIB) was founded in 1939 in Izmir comprising 12 sectors in the fields of– aqua and animal products;– dried fruits;– olive and olive oil;– cereals;– forestry and wooden products;– fresh fruits and vegetables;– tobacco; – textiles and raw materials; – apparel; – leather and leather products; – minerals; – ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With […]

Dünyanın dört bir yanından alıcılara ulaşın ve ihracata başlayın.

Dünyanın dört bir yanından alıcılara ulaşın ve ihracata başlayın.’daDünyanın dört bir yanından alıcılara ulaşın ve ihracata başlayın.’a Pro üyesi olarak kaydolun; 5 ürününüzü online mağaza tasarımınız ve anahtar kelime analizinizle yükleyeceğiz. Biz Kimiz? Neden şirketiniz web sitemize katılmalı? achieves High Page Performance results as measured on WebPageTest achieves high page performance results as measured on webpagetest

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Top 17 Exporting Countries by SEARCH volume

Top 17 exporting countries by search volume

Searching the top 17 Exporting Countries we utilized Google Keyword planner to check the Average Monthly Searches for certain keywords. The results will give you an approximate idea on how popular or in demand that subject is. In testing how many people are searching for “Made in (country name)” we have found the following results: […]

Can Turkey increase the annual Turkish exports to $500 billion by 2023?

Yeniexpo exporters ihracat toptan turkey

An optimistic goal… It is achievable if Turkish manufacturing and exporting companies and export associations take the following steps: Create better and sustained incentives for Turkish exporting companies such as: Labor and Income tax reduction Reduction of red tape Promote Turkish products and brands worldwide Education of manufacturing companies and their sales staff about benefits […]