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İhracat Yapan Şirketleri YeniExpo’ya Katılması

İhracatçı şirketinizi, yeni yabancı müşteriler bulmak için‘a katılmaya davet ediyoruz. We invite your exporting company to join to find new foreign customers. Türkiye İhracatçıları Toptancıları ihracat ihracatfazlası hraçfazlası sanayi tekstil tekstilkent Toptan üretici yapıcı firma satıcı Ihracatçı Tasarımcı Disticaret YeniExpo 👍💯🌹🇹🇷

8 Things You Can Only Buy in Turkey

8 things you can only buy in turkey

Hand-Painted Iznik Ceramics Bilgeoğlu Baklava Textiles from Hulu Nuri Toplar Turkish Coffee Abdulla Hamam Accessories Organic Towels and Jennifer’s Hamas Classic Turkish Carpets from Ethnicon and Dhoku Turkish Sweets from Hacı Bekir

Türkiye’den firma ihracatını artırmak

Sadece Türkiye’den firmaların İhracatını arttırmak, yeni pazarlar ve müşteriler bulmasını sağlamak amacıyla kurulmuş bir web sitesi olan hizmetinizdedir.  Ücretsiz bir şekilde üye olabileceğiniz gibi, Pro ve Premium üyelik paketlerinden de yıl boyunca faydalanabilirsiniz.

Sourcing Private Label Branded OEM products in Turkey

Pink shoes

When Sourcing Private Label Branded OEM products in Turkey there are: Many Private Label Branded OEM products manufacturers to choose from: You can source and manufacture your private label branded products from a wide network of Turkish manufacturers and suppliers in a very short time. Best prices: One of the main benefits of importing from […]

How do I find international buyers for my export products?

Growtech greenhouse agricultural technology livestock equipment fair fuar yeniexpo

A solid export marketing strategy will include: 1- Build a reputable website. Professionally design and build a top level domain. Buyers will look you up. Be ready when they do. Online Tools include: An International multi-language website. It must be mobile translation ready and mobile responsive. Website must have proper lead collection forms to convert […]

Benefits of exporting

منتجات تركيا للتصدير

There are numerous reasons for exporting. Here are some key benefits of exporting products to other countries: 1. INCREASING YOUR SALES POTENTIAL While importing products can help businesses reduce costs, exporting products can ensure increasing sales and sales potential in general. Businesses that focus on exporting expand their vision and markets regionally, internationally or even […]

What is export marketing?

What is export marketing?

Export marketing is about marketing across national borders. All the basic principles of marketing can be applied to both domestic and export marketing, the latter is far more challenging because when entering a new country/market, the marketer will have to deal with a different kind of customer in a foreign environment with laws and regulations […]

Potential challenges in exporting

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There are potential challenges in exporting and it is important for prospective exporters to know what these are. They include the following: Management may need to devote a considerable amount of time to the start-up procedures and decisions involved in exporting Key personnel or other critical resources may have to be diverted from domestic responsibilities […]

How do I find international buyers ( importers ) for my exports and products?

1- Introduce your company and products on export promotion websites: Utilize international reach when you want to list your products online. Our job is to connect suppliers with buyers. 2- Attend and exhibit at Domestic and International trade #fairs and exhibitions related to your products: Check with your commerce department or Chambers of commerce in […]