11 Month Turkey Hair Transplant Update!

11 Month Turkey Hair Transplant Update!

My hair transplant video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfPVD

If you have any questions regarding hair transplants, you can reach me at [email protected]

Below is the contact info for Vera Clinic if you’re considering getting your own transplant done or would like more info.

Vera Clinic Contact Info:
WhatsApp: https://wa.me/905059995222
Vera Clinic website: https://cutt.ly/veraclinic-amri
Tel: +90 505 999 52 22

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43 thoughts on “11 Month Turkey Hair Transplant Update!

  1. Stephen Murphy says:

    Can you please do a more in-depth review of your crown area and how it has or has not improved to your satisfaction? i remember when i first came across your channel this was your main cause of loss. Every video post surgery when you have given an update you say you have had improvement. However, you only dip your head to show this for a split second. Would be really good to see how much progression you have made.

  2. Manan Majmudar says:

    hi amir , what is you opnion on hlc clinic , long hair centre doctor ahmet , hairs of istanbul or dr cinic ? is it worth getting a transpalnt from either of them in turkey . is turkey good for hair transplants or just a big advertisements , i have never seen them showing accurate results especially from crown with a combing test post 9-12 months ?

  3. Jaz Aujla says:

    You are an inspiration my friend! Watching your videos have made me decide to finally go for a hair transplant at 38! One question for you, we’re you worried that you would lose existing hair that why you kept up with procedures like fin ? 5000 grafts is a lot and these hair are permanent so I don’t think you would have lost hair ?

  4. Mayoo N says:

    Thanks for the videos ! I am on my two week mark and finally got my hairline back from my 20s ! I am 41 now ! I am not on Fin or Min but i am taking their supplements and GF Shampoo / GF Serum.

    Vera Clinic is super busy now days but their work is still professional ! The weekend i went, there was 16 transplants and almost all of them came after watching your video !

    Wish me luck as i am getting into shedding phase soon !!!

  5. Mdmunim Khan says:

    I see that you are saying that you haven't had any side effects with finasteride but have you checked your sperm count? Studies have shown that finasteride causes low sperm count that may or may not be irreversible. Can you please verify that for us since you have been on the medication chronically?

  6. Hakim Productions says:

    Congrats on 11 months brotha! Thanks for sharing your journey with Vera clinic with us. Your results are looking great! After watching your video I went and got my transplant done at Vera clinic last month, along with my guy Sorab (another brown guy I met at Vera, from the U.K.). Sorab and I are now in our ugly duckling phase and waiting for these next 3-4 months to pass. If you ever want a guest on your vlog to share their experience with Vera let me know! I’m happy to meet up for coffee or wherever to talk about the experience. Once again congrats and excited to see your full 12 month results!

  7. Power User says:

    So how is iRestore working for you? I see you still have a video up talking about it in 2018, with comments disabled, yet with a coupon code. Are you still getting financial compensation for promoting iRestore on your channel?

  8. Cesar Siguencia says:

    Awesome results Amir, you’re inspiring me to pull the trigger too with getting a transplant! 2 questions
    – What do you do to style your hair? I like how your hairline stands, hope to achieve that someday after a transplant.
    – At VeraClinic, can you negotiate how many grafts they take out of you in your consultation? I’m afraid they can go too high. Personally, I don’t want to go over 4000 grafts.

  9. Zodiac 0 says:

    Hey Amir, I've been keeping up with your journey (as I am considering doing a hair transplant as well), and I must say your hair looks really fucking good bro. I wanted to ask how much did the procedure cost? (if you dont mind me asking)

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