10 Men NEVER Wear!

Summary Guy Here:

  1. Nasty, tacky bracelets – simple is better
  2. Suit bling
  3. Sport, trendy, cheap sunglasses
  4. Retro old glasses
  5. Little or string backpacks
  6. Fanny packs
  7. Dad wallets (huge, bulky)
  8. Expensive, designer belts
  9. Fake and counterfeit clothes
  10. Watches (smart or sport) – Go classic
  11. Thumb or pink ring
  12. Wear different fragrance – not the same one everyday

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41 thoughts on “10 Accessories Attractive Men NEVER Wear!

  1. DP says:

    I can't take anyone seriously who yells into the camera….
    "no big wallets?"
    So I should have a pretentious money clip, and pull it out to look like a douchebag? Yeah…. No.
    Real aviators are Rayban's.
    Everything else is a knockoff.

  2. krazyboii967 says:

    Paco rabanne one million and Dior sauvage parfum are definitely good must have fragrances. I allways get compliments. Just wear them on special occasions. Not every day. Plus they’re $100+ a bottle so not every one is gonna have those.

  3. elijahp3 says:

    I saw one of his videos so I clicked it, now getting spammed with his BS videos. This shit is the complete opposite of being Alpha. Who has time to think about accessories, latest fashions and color matching? If you want a fashionable and tailored suit, join the Marines!

  4. M says:

    Hahahaha Dull example that crushes your style is Johny Depp if I walk into a meeting with you and 18 other folks that can’t stand out and I do who wants something someone else has

  5. G-force says:

    I’m 47 too. Its all relative to attitude and lifestyle. I mean for me and my list, blingy earings are at/near the top of cringe response. We all have a ways to go. There’s no hard fast rule.

  6. 2Bluzin says:

    Don't pay 1,000 for a belt with a giant logo, he's right. It screams TACKY! Seriously, branded apparel like Gucci, Louis Vuitton are the epitome of trying too hard. It sends the message you are shallow and think buying something with labels give you status.

  7. Stephen S. says:

    Sorry, when it comes to sunglasses, IMO, the most important accessory next to a nice watch, only the best is good enough for me. I started a collection last year. Eyevan, Jacque Marie Mage, Matsuda, and Tom Ford. Incredible quality & stunning style. Worth every penny.

  8. Bobby Lawsen says:

    Ok, I get that the proper accessories will help complete a man's tough alpha look, but those Enemy sunglasses look both dorky and gay as fuck—I'd never would be caught dead wearing them. Seriously. And the price of glasses should not matter. If you want to know what type of sunglasses are bad-ass, then find out what the Hell's Angels are wearing, because it doesn't get anymore bad ass than them—fuck this quasi stuff.

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