1 Page Online Marketing Gameplan: Get More Leads and Make More Money Using Social Media & Online Book Description:

If I were to give any other title to this book, I would’ve called it ‘A guide to social media marketing for new businesses and entrepreneurs’ or probably ‘Digital Marketing, How to do it right!’. However, I had to settle for a catchier title for obvious marketing reasons.

Look, we all know the challenges with our business. When I talk to a new businesses, in majority of the cases I come across a pre-set number of queries. ‘How I grow my company‘, ‘how I get more leads‘, ‘how much budget should I allocate to digital marketing‘ are some of the questions which should be addressed even before you start your online marketing journey. These questions should be addressed a as part of your strategy. Because strategy should dictate your competitive advantage and it is important to keep your strategy simple if you are a start-up, a new business or a small business. As your business grows, your strategy will inevitably grow more complex over time.

We’ve talked about execution too. Find out which campaign works well on Social Media / PPC and SEO and throughout the book I addressed many of the prevalent queries. These are typically budget, audience targeting, client retention, and most importantly getting your online marketing strategy (and execution) right, so that you don’t diverge from your core business objectives.

Selling a product is very different then selling a service online. The underlying objective and difference here is that a product is a tangible object whereas service is value added through time intangible skills and expertise.

  • Products are designed to meet the needs of the customer. So when you’re selling a product you would want to highlight the features / attributes and display the items appropriately online or in store. With product it’s easier for customers to appreciates its value. In the unlikely circumstances if they don’t like a product they can simply return it. They can also leave a review online for prospective customers and in turn the prospective customers can make a decision on the back of the reviews as well.
  • Service based selling: are usually less expensive to operate than product businesses because you’re not having to maintain an inventory and it typically requires building relationship with the customers when necessary. Getting the pricing right for a service based service is often time consuming. This will vary between industries and experience of those operating in these industries. It is also more difficult to get ratings because it takes longer to get a service completed or to take effect.

In this amazing book you will also discover:

  • The type of social media marketing campaigns you can use to dissect your marketing strategy
  • How to use PPC, SEO and Social Media ads effectively for your digital marketing campaigns
  • A step by step guide to create your own personalised online marketing plan that fits within a page (hence the name1 Page Online Marketing Gameplan)
  • Get results on your digital marketing efforts from get go
  • Find the budget and pricing that’s right for you

More about the Author
Sam and his ability to observe, capture, leverage and optimise the customer buying experience through data-driven strategy and decisions, and translate this into meticulously efficient, high-return campaigns that drive conversions. This no doubt stems from his years of experience in the streamlined financial industries, and it translates into a scientific yet pragmatic approach to marketing strategy and implementation. The result is an unrivalled success, whatever your KPI — Dillan Gandhi, Searchlight London

Sam Mahmud takes the intrigues of social media to a new level of understanding Anita Amoa, Business Coach

Publisher‏:‎Independently published (May 24, 2021)
Paperback‏:‎114 pages
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1 Page Online Marketing Gameplan: Get More Leads and Make More Money Using Social Media & Online

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